N2-Tech GmbH from Dauchingen offers you numerous services and products related to nitrogen spring systems and other pressure equipment. Do you value high-performance solutions and comprehensive service? In this case, you have found the right contact in us.

We offer nitrogen spring systems individually adapted to your application. Our systems offer long-lasting quality for your stamping die, your press or your special machine. You can get your individual nitrogen spring system from us!


Customized nitrogen spring systems

Adapted to your application, whether in a stamping die, a press or a special machine.

We manufacture your individual nitrogen spring system for you.


Training for nitrogen spring systems

We conduct various training courses for pressure equipment. To ensure that you as the operator are well trained, we offer the following training courses, among others:

  • Training on the general handling of nitrogen spring systems
  • Repair training
  • Trainings for the construction department,
  • Training for the management

Since the operators are always responsible for the safety-related condition, we would like to provide you with all important information on nitrogen spring systems. All training courses are documented by certificates, so that you as the operator have a legally secure record of them.

Gas springs repairs & analyses

You are using self-contained gas springs that keep failing? Your suppliers repeatedly cite incorrect handling of the gas springs on your part as the reason?

Benefit from our many years of experience and find out what you can change to improve the running times of your gas springs.

Contact us. We are your contact for repairs as well as independent damage analyses.

Design and manufacture of hose composite systems

Many users use components from different manufacturers for the connection of self-sufficient gas springs or even unsuitable products for your application. With our 30 years of experience, we will install a hose composite system that will absolutely meet your requirements. Please contact us for your individual hose composite system.

Design and manufacture of hose composite systems

Composite panels

The production of composite plates is carried out by many users themselves. It is often ignored that all pressure equipment with a minimum pressure of more than 0.5 bar must comply with the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU.

Since you as the operator are responsible for the safety-related condition of your pressure equipment, you should rely on an expert here.

Benefit from our many years of experience in the design and manufacture of such composite plates and contact us now.

Tank plates

Tank plates are basically to be regarded as composite plates. Here, too, gas struts are connected to each other via holes in a plate. These gas struts have a completely different design, as they are screwed into the tank plates. Furthermore, such tank plates are usually subject to CE approval, which is required for an internal volume of more than 1 liter. For the production of such tank plates not only technical competence is necessary, but also a previous approval by the TÜV.

At N2-Tech this is of course guaranteed for the production of tank plates. We manufacture and deliver exclusively in compliance with the law, with all the necessary papers for testing before commissioning. In addition, we offer further services over the complete service life of the pressure equipment.

Draw cushion

Drawing pads are a special form of tank plate, but are usually installed on the press side and must sometimes withstand long strokes coupled with rapid stroke sequences.

The air drawing pads, which are often mounted on the press side, very quickly reach the limits of their performance. The high moving mass can also quickly lead to die damage and even press damage.

Contact us now for long-lasting die cushions.

Pressure storage units

Accumulator units for hose composite systems and composite plates, or for tank plates, drawing cushions and controlled nitrogen spring systems must also comply with the Pressure Equipment Directive. Unfortunately, many manufacturers erroneously base their pressure accumulators on the filling pressure of their gas springs. The maximum pressure is the decisive factor here. Self-contained gas springs as well as hose composite systems and composite plates have a maximum pressure that is more than twice as high as the specified filling pressure.

Controlled nitrogen spring systems

Controlled systems as a special form can of course also be realized, provided that the control applies to the return stroke. Let us know your individual task.

Contact us. We will be pleased to develop a customized solution together with you.

If we have aroused your interest, please contact us.


Professional nitrogen spring systems from N2-Tech

I have been dedicated to the field of nitrogen spring systems for over 35 years. I have had the privilege of deepening my expertise with various renowned manufacturers of standard parts, for whom I have worked in positions ranging from plant management to product development and sales.

Our slogan is:

The best spring systems in the world for the best tools in the world.

Our spring systems not only enable flawless execution, but also greatly reduce the downtime of our customers' equipment. Benefit from our expertise and minimize your unit costs now with our spring systems.

An important component is the safety of nitrogen spring systems. Our systems are always manufactured in accordance with the applicable legal regulations. Whether you purchase a completely finished system from us or you opt for our modular solution, safety is our top priority.

Get individual advice on your options and save time and money with our modular system.

You will not only receive a customized nitrogen spring system from us, but also all other required components. With the approved design, you may manufacture and assemble the special parts with our support. The finished nitrogen spring system is then inspected and pressure tested by us. The inspection is finalized with a type plate, a declaration of conformity, a TÜV report and operating instructions.

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