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Here you will find a selection of the nitrogen spring systems we manufacture.

The fact that these spring systems naturally meet all technical and legal requirements, is a matter of course for us. Also after the delivery, we are of course, with competent competent support, in every respect there for you.

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Self-sufficient gas springs

Do you need the ideal self-contained gas spring for your application?We will help you with the selection.

Hosed gas springs

When using self-contained gas springs, there is a possibility that individual gas springs will lose pressure more quickly due to manufacturing tolerances. The resulting imbalance of forces can lead to defective parts and damage to the die or press. This can be remedied most easily by means of a hose connection system.

Another advantage is the simple pressure regulation and monitoring now possible via a control fitting.

Composite panels

Composite plate systems that comply with the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU are an alternative to self-contained gas struts and hose composite systems. With this solution, the individual self-contained gas struts are connected via holes in the composite plate. The design, manufacture and delivery of such composite plates is carried out in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU. This means that you are protected at all times and of course receive the legally required documentation for your composite panel.


  • Fewer sealing points compared to a tubed solution
  • No documentation requirement for pulsating hoses
  • Simple pressure regulation and monitoring using a control fitting
  • only subject to CE if a component is subject to a CE obligation

Tank panels

What is already advantageous in composite panel systems is maximized in tank panel systems. Special tank panel gas springs are screwed into metal plates, which provide an adapted volume. This allows service lives many times longer than a stand-alone gas spring or composite plate.

In order to produce your tank plate in the best possible way, we are in continuous exchange with you to generate the maximum added value of this spring system.

In most cases, such tank plates or tank plate systems are CE-compliant and are delivered including the required documentation according to the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU.

Draw cushion

As a special form of tank plate, drawing cushions are possible as press-bonded tank plates. Here, the requirements for the service life are designed to a maximum. The advantages of nitrogen drawing pads are maximum dynamics due to minimum mass moments of inertia, which leads to greatly minimized die and press damage, but at the same time maximizes the dynamics of the system.

Controlled systems

If you have more specific requirements for your spring system, we can help here as well. Let us know your requirements and we will work out your individual solution.

Production of battery sleeves

When manufacturing mass-produced parts such as battery sleeves, it is important to ensure reliable, low-failure production.

Unfortunately, many companies save money in the wrong place by opting for stand-alone gas springs. The result is usually frequent downtimes of the production systems, which costs a lot of money.

Retrofitting is usually the result, but this ties up additional financial resources. Get it right the first time and ask.

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